The Antelao hut

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Rifugio Antelao

Rifugio Antelao – Sella Pradonego (Mt. Antelao)
1796 a.s.l. – beds: 24

Landlord: Da Forno Silvia
mobile: 0039.348.4423611
phone: 0039.0435.75333



The hut, main traits:

Located at 1796m asl over a ridge pass named Sella Di Pradonego in the territory of the municipaly of Pieve di Cadore (Belluno province in Veneto Region).
Our facilities, after recent refurbishing and development is a beatiful entry door between the Cadore mountain region and the Boite valley. The hut lays on the east side of the Antelao mountain massif.

The hut is property of the Treviso Alpine association: its construction dates dack to 1948 and was a fruit of the willingness of the writer and alpinist Alma Bevilaqua with the aim to enhance the value of a hidden and unknown corner of Dolomites. She had the chance to praise this location during the hard years of the partisans fights during WWII.

Nowadays things are far less dramatic. In our hut you will have the chance to taste the products of the farm that feeds and breeds the cattle in the surroundings. The products resulting from the transformation are unique, as the well known “taier”  that mixes a selection of cheeses and hams, our gnocchi and “casunziei” made with fresh ricotta cheese and wild edible plant of the wood; of course we do not forget the beef or pork meat and the fantastc “mixed goat” on the piastra (it’s an Italian way to grill). All the raws are home produced and home transformed and we are proud of it! Do not miss our cakes to close, they deserve a bit of space at the end of your meal.

Now you are ready to challenge the Alta Via 4 or the Alta via 5, we will offer for sure some grappa for a quiet overnight stay…


Trekking opportunities

Alta Via 4 – Dolomites High Altitude Walking Route no. 4 >>
Alta Via 5 – Dolomites High Altitude Walking Route no. 5 >>



Discover our dishes at this link >>


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