Alta Via 4 Grohmann – Dolomites High Altitude Walking Route no. 4 Grohmann

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From San Candido to Pieve di Cadore

The hiking path runs from San Candido/Innichen (m. 1173 asl) in Val Pusteria (Bz) to Pieve di Cadore (m. 880 asl – Bl). The total lenght is about 90 km. The route is technically challenging even if short in term of total lenght. This “Alta Via” provides a countinuous framing of different beautiful panoramas. This will enrich the trekker with beautiful high mountain views.

Named after Paul Grohmann, famous pionieer of Dolomites exploration who, in those mountains where this Alta Via runs, did several new ascensions; this Alta Via was officially born in 1972 even if the idea dates back to the end of the 60s as a result of the newborn interest for the exploration of Dolomites surrounding Belluno (a province of Veneto where most mountains of this region lies). Before the creation of this route these zones were quite abandoned and savage. This latter character still remain a main trait of this Alta Via experience.

The trek has several paths equipped with steel protections, so that somebody argued that the proper name of this Alta Via would be “Alta via ferrata” (ferrata is the italian name to define a path equipped with fixed pitons and steel cables, stairs and so on); this paths are quite challenging by themselves and sometimes well exposed: thus they require experience and a proven practise of the common tools (helmet harness and via ferrata-set). This trek, differently from his fellows (Alta via 1-2 etc) does not provide easier alternatives to avoid the difficulties. In the final part, when approaching Mount Antelao, the path crosses that one of Alta Via 5 (named after Titian), and goes on the same route up to the end.

Due to the fantastic landscapes this Alta via is one of the more equipped, from the point of view of the huts as well. Still keeping the altitute alongside the trek several hut provide refuge and meals. this allows to cut it in small stages. For those who created the trek 6 days were the forecasted time to complete the whole experience. It’s up to the trekker to balance the total time in accordance with personal attitude, capability and interests.

The very original project were to complete the trek in 6 stages.

Here a list of the refuges and the bivaks on the Alta Via 4 route:

  • Rifugio “Tre Scarperi”
  • Rifugio “Antonio Locatelli”
  • Rifugio “Auronzo”
  • Rifugio “Fratelli Fonda Savio”
  • Rifugio “Città di Carpi”
  • Rifugio “Cristallo”
  • Rifugio “Alfonso Vandelli”
  • Bivacco “Emilio Comici”
  • Rifugio “San Marco”
  • Rifugio “Pietro Galassi”
  • Rifugio “Antelao”

Zandonella Callegher Italo, Alta Via delle Dolomiti n. 4, Amm. Provinciale Belluno, 1992


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