Pradidali hut’s trekking Routes

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Trails to the hut

From Fiera di Primiero through Val Canali. On the walk path 709 from the park “Cant Del Gal” to the hut in 3 hours, ascending Val Pradidali From San Martino through Val di Roda. In a beautiful environment on the walk path 702 and 715 one reaches the hut in 3h, 30 min.


Classic tour nearby the hut

Round tour of the Pala di San Martino. This is a classic trekking route in the very center of the Pale group. It takes 1 or two days with an overnight stay at the Pradidali hut. One can get the higher paths with the cableway from San Martino di Castrozza, from here to the Pedrotti hut and on the path 709 on the Pale highland up to the pass “Pradidali Basso”. From the pass descend in Pradidali valley and reach the namesake hut. From Pradidali hut ascend to Ball pass, keep on the 715 walk path (a short ferrata on this) and descend into the Val di Roda up to Sam Martino di Castrozza. This round tour is feasible in the other direction as well.



From the cableway “Rosetta” arrival station to the Pradidali hut we have two chances:

  • with the trail 709 we cross the Pale di San Martino Highland toward the pass “Pradidali basso” and from this latter to the Pradidali hut. This easy path will take about 2h 30 min;
  • the other opportunity drives you on the trail 702 of Val di Roda and 715 of Ball pass (with a short and easy ferrata on it). Total time required on the this solution is about 2h.

We can choose to go to the Velo della Madonna hut on the ferrata del Velo trail in 2h 30min. This ferrata is a medium difficulty one and the surrounding environment can be severe.

Another hut you can reach is the Treviso, with two options:

  • ascending to the Fradusta glacier on the walkpaths 709-708-707 in 3h 30min, and with a short departure we can ascend the panoramic Fradusta summit (2939 asl).
  • The second possibility crosses the Vallon delle Lede valley and passes the Minazio bivouac on the trails 709 -711-707 in about 4h 30min. This second trekking is more challenging than the first one and requires some scrambling before entering in the Lede Valley.


Peak ascensions on rock climbing

Val di Roda bell tower, the namesake peak, Ball peak, Pradidali bell tower, Pradidali summit and tower, the Pala di San Martino summit, Immnik peak, Wilma peak, and the beautiful Canali peak wall, this a short and rather obvious listing o the climbing opportunities you may challenge at the hut.
All these mountain summits are doable on their normal trail requiring no more than a UIAA grade 3 ascent. On the other hand you have here a playgroud with difficulties ranging from 3rd to 7th grade, on routes opened by alpine climbing pionieers as Bettega, Zagonel, Dimai, Rizzi, Langes from Bolzano, the German Solleder, Rossi, Simon, Wissner, and later on Castiglioni with Detassis, Franceschini, Soldà up to the “modern” wave of Casarotto and Manolo. In its century long history the hut has seen generations of alpine guides working, climbing around it and their heritage is still there awaiting for you.
If we are required to quote one single rock climb here among the severals reported we suggest to consider the Buhl crack on the Canali wall, possibly the more elegant among his alpine masterpieces.


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