The Pradidali hut

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Rif. PRADIDALI (Pale di S. Martino)

2278 m asl – 60 beds


The hut main traits

Among the four huts our alpine association owns, you are visiting the only one really Alpine. Despite the fact that the near Treviso and the Biella hut are inserted in a wonderful scenario here only the way up to the hut will let you appreciate the disclosure of a world of rock and awe inspiring pinnacles. This hut has been completely renewed and can host 60 persons. Regular opening seasoncis from mid June to end of September.
The hosts you will find there, the alpine guide Duilio Boninsegna and his family, will drive you professionally and passionately along the climbing and walking tracks in the surrounding Pale di S.Martino mountain region, do not hesitate to contact them:

Landlord: g.a. Duilio Boninsegna
via Dolomiti 8 38050 Imer
Hut telephone 0039-0439-64180

Hut telephone (out of season) 0039-0439-67408


Rifugio Pradidali di fronte

How to get there

The hut is located at 2278m asl nearby the mount named Cima Canali and the Sass Maor. To get the entrance door be prepared to a medium sized trekking requiring a 1000m ascent from the parking place (2h and an half). This park you will get the same way as Treviso hut: From Fiera di Primiero through the Cereda pass road, taking a smaller road on the left side of an hairpin bend (this 3 km after you left the city of Fiera) you drive into the Canali valley. At the end of the road you get a big park with several parking slots, this is the correct one, named “Cant de Gal”. (please remember the need to pay a fee  to park, introduced a few years ago – 4euro/day-car or use the regular service from the city of Fiera to the valley). Other track are available to get the hut starting from our Treviso hut and crossing the “Vallon delle Lede” valley or from Rosetta hut (this latter easy to reach thanks to the cableway). Use the map 22 (1:25:000; Pale di San Martino) edited by Tabacco as reference for the area of Pale di San Martino.


Trekking Routes

You can discover some trails and climbing possibilities at this page.
In the meanwile please consider also this page related to the Treviso hut.
And we should not forget the High Altitude Trail nr.2.
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