Alta Via 5 Tiziano – Dolomites High Altitude Walking Route no. 5 Titian

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From Sesto in Pusterìa to Pieve di Cadore

Begining in Sesto/Sexten (1317 asl) in Pusteria Valley (Bolzano province, Trentino Alto Adige) this Alta via – High Altitude trail – runs with its original and patchy route the some 100 km those divided the two cities. It is also named after Tiziano, in honor of the Italian Renaissance painter Tiziano Vecellio, famous citizen of the Cadore mountain region (he was born in Pieve di Cadore).

This trail has a distinctive path for most of its lenght and joints the trail number 4 (See here for details) toward its end nearby the mt Antelao. The trek was conceived in the 70s, this is the trek which runs more to the east of the central dolomites and entirely crosses a mountain region, Marmarole, that is one of the less served by fefuges, maintaining its original savage and charming look. This due to the closeness with more famous peaks and the lenght of the tails, in comparison with more short solutions

Before going through the Marmarole the trek crosses the sexter dolomites (named after the nearby city of Sesto), the Giralba valley and touches Mt Agudo. Somehow this Alta via can be seen as preparation to the far more savage trails 6 and 7. These latters Alte vie crosses land where is is a fortune to meet a single trekker in a whole day on the path.

The original project assigns seven stages to the whole trek.

Here a list of the possible refuges on the Alta Via 5 route:

Rifugio “Emil Zsigmondy – Emilio Comici”
Rifugio “Giosuè Carducci”
Rifugio “Monte Agudo”
Rifugio “Ciareido”
Rifugio “Baion – Elio Boni”
Rifugio “Dino e Giovanni Chiggiato”
Bivacco “Tiziano”
Bivacco “Alberto Musatti”
Bivacco “Leo e Gino Voltolina”
Rifugio “San Marco”
Rifugio “Pietro Galassi”
Rifugio “Antelao”>>

Zandonella Callegher Italo, Alta Via delle Dolomiti n. 5, Amm. Provinciale Belluno, 1992



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